At Stoneland, we stock the highest quality of Quartzite slabs from around the world. Here you can see the three most popular colors of Quartzite, all of which we carry in-stock at Stoneland. Contact  your Stoneland sales representative today for more detailed information on partnering with Stoneland for your Quartzite needs.

What is Quartzite?

Quartzite, like granite and marble, is a natural stone which is formed from the Earth.  It is a porous stone which should be sealed before heavy use in kitchen or bathroom settings. The typical color patterns seen include whites and grays however, other colors can appear due to various minerals found where the stone is mined from. Quartzite is a great, natural stone choice for your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Where does Quartzite come from?

Quartzite is mined from the Earth in quarries across the world. Quartzite is formed when heat and pressure are applied to sandstone.  Sandstone then joins with silica to form crystals which harden into quratzite. Like granite, quartzite is a very strong stone that can withstand heat making it a very durable option for your kitchen or bathroom countertops.